Rec rev or shinwoo

I’m looking at either the shinwoo zen 6 or the recrev sharp…
any suggestions? (the main problem i’ve heard is with the sharp’s axle stripping, is that a real problem or just a rumor?)

I can’t speak of Shinwoo because I’ve not bought one. But I do have the Sharp. The first time I took it apart I saw no problems. Screwing the halves back together though was weird. Seemed really tight. I did not exactly feel the threads as I was screwing it in. I know that some other people have indeed stripped the aluminum. I have not, as mine performs awesome. I can only suggest that if you do get a Sharp, be careful about taking it apart and putting it back together, and that’s it. It is one of the best $50 dollar throws on the market. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Opposite of reddsigma, I have only played with shinwoo not recrev. Shinwoo is a very good player. All of the shinwoo zen line yoyos are about the same size, but they all have different shapes. the shinwoo zen 5 and zen 2 are both h-shaped, while the zen 4 looks like a classic butterfly. The zen 6 is weird, a classic and v-shaped hybrid. They are all very stable and play like beast for 44 dollars.

i bought a sharp and tried to put in a kk bearing and it didnt fit…so stupid. both are size c so i didnt understand. i sent it back the next day. im about to get a zen 5 so if you havent decided by then i will respond again.

i got a zen 6, should be in tomorrow or early next week