Shinwoo Zen questions.

I’ve been looking at the Zen on this site, and it has a rounded shape to it in the pictures. It also says “Hi-Power” or whatever on it. The only review i have seen on it was not the curved shape, but more… Block-ish? Also, in the little slide show at the top it shows the Zen having the blocky shape. Anyways I was just wondering if I buy the Zen on here will i get the one that is rounded? Or the other one? Also, if anyone could tell me how the Zen, Zen 4, and Zen 6 play that would be great. I would post pictures, but I’m not quite sure how.

Here is my review on the Shinwoo Zen 6, if it’s of any help:,37661.0.html

The review you read was probably a typo, the only way that the zens come is block-ish. I myself think it has a rather, “Different” feel to it than most throws. I also think it plays very nice.

I liked your review, it is of help. Also, I’m talking about the regular Shinwoo Zen (no number after it), on YoyoExpert the pictures are all a rounded shape. If i ordered it would i get the rounded shape or the blocky one?

yeah, the normal zen, with no number number only comes in a blockish shape, the way the pictures were took makes it look more rounded.

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Yes, but it does not LOOK rounded because of the way the pictures were taken, it IS rounded. That’s strange.


Lol… You all don’t know what you are saying. No offense intended.

The shinwoo zen got remade last year. I think maybe october or november. That’s why it is completely different

i just oredered mine in around feb, and it looked rounded in the picture, but i received it block-ish, so i speak from experience. maybe they sent me one of the older versions, who knows.

He said the revisew showed a completely different shinwoo zen. That’s because it is completely different. The review is a older shinwoo zen review

Okay. That clears that up. Thanks everyone.

Comparison shots from another website:



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That’s a completely different shape!

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Okay, if anyone can find out if YoYoExpert has the newer version but made a mistake with johnnyrocks’s, or if they don’t carry it that’d be great. If not i think it’d just be safer for me to go with the Zen 6.