Help Choosing a ZEN. Please?

Well, yeah? I’m looking to buy a ZEN series yo.
Can anybody help me out with this?
I’m looking for any in the zen series.
Differences? Similarities? Pros? Cons?
Which is the best out of all? (if there is any.)
And anything else I can use for help.
Thanks in advance people! :slight_smile:

I haven’t played with any of the Zen yoyos so I cant tell you how they play. They all have different shapes and sizes so I say pick the one the best fits you. For example, if you like H-shapes more then I say go with the Zen 5 or Zen 2. If you like more sharp winged shape, go with the Zen, Zen 4, or Zen 6. Other than that all the advise I can give you is look at the descriptions and find reviews.

Here’s a yoyoskills review on the zen 2:

I also found some Zen reviews on other popular yoyo forums

But yeah, hope this helps!

I own both the Zen5 and Zen6, and as far as I’m concerned, both are well worth the $45. In my opinion, they are two of the best throws you can get for that price, and can/will outplay throws twice as much.

And yes, there is a Zen4

cool! i never knew that! i thought they skipped zen 4!

They named them out of order, or they didn’t come to the States in order, something like that :smiley:

heh, i heard it was something to do with “4” is similar to the word “death” in korean

Thanks to all, i think i might go with the Zen 6 (:

Zen 6 is my favorite. Its shape and play is just plain beastly