zen or zen 5?

which one should i get I’d kinda like to have the zen 5 for its rim weight but i’d also like the zen for its unique shape

i would go with the zen 5, i dont see whats so amazing about the (zen) shape, the zen 5 has that nice smooth h shape

I have both but if i had to choose just one it would be the zen 5 cause it’s just that much smoother and the grinds are way better. If i had to choose between all my zens it would be my zen 2 cause it’s the smoothest of them all and the grinds are better that any of the other ones. oh yeah the unique stack configuration is also a major plus.
hope this helps

frankly, i dont like the zens. mine cut string.

Aaah, sorry this is off topic but I don’ think my question needs a new thread. It’s about the Zen 5.

So the other day, my friend at school was going to buy a Zen 5. Well you see his way of seeing of a yoyo is good or not is is it the best. He wanted to compare with my Raptor. Yah, so what do you think about Zen5 compared to Raptor? He’s just one of those people who want the best.