Best of the Shinwoo Zen series?


I see all of the Shinwoos, and I’m not quite sure what the difference between all of them is. They all look the same and have the same price range, but what is best and what are each of their advantages and disadvantages?


Not sure, but it should be the Zen 6? It’s the latest in the Zen series so it should obviously be the best. That’s just what I think though based on the time that they were all released and which is the most upgraded. They might also be different and each one plays differently for everyone. Maybe you should try each one and you be the judge.


It’s kind of hard to argue that kind of logic. One would assume the latest should be the best, or at least either the HIGHEST number or the LOWEST number if they all came out at once, depending on the company’s philosophy. Since they are a Korean company, 6 is a lucky number in certain Asian cultures, so perhaps 6 would be a winner. It’s got a neat profile and is priced at $44.99. I gotta say I’ve only gotten the lower cost Shinwoo stuff in thepast and have been pleased with it, so I would think that something a bit pricier might also yield good results.

(Edmeister) #4

Thats like saying the G5++ and the G5 are the same.
The Chief First run and First two are the same.
Its perference.
Its whether or not you want it heavier or lighter.
They do look the same but they’re specs are different.


Imo, there is no best. I have played the 2, 5, and 1 (rebuilt one). They all feel very different and play amazing, especially at 45$


I played a zen 5 once nd I liked it and they are cheap.


Based on my experience

4 and 6 are great throw, excellent for horizontal due to angular shape, great stability, but the 4 seem faster though.

5 excels at stability

2 is good, plus point is they have a unique side bearing system