Rec Rev "I" bearing help

Hi, I have a Rec Rev “I” and some thing happened to the bearing. I don’t know what but it doesn’t play the same. Does anybody know which bearing it comes with ??? . I really liked how it played befor it broke.

Answer quick please!!!

mabey somthin is in the bearing chec if not maybey you need to clean it

I already cleaned it. It is still the same

What exactly is it’s condition now? Responsive? Slippy binds? Screeechy? Stuck? Rough?

My yoyo responds now. it is not screechy, it actually doesn’t make as much noise. It doesn’t spin for as long and it never got stuck

Are you cleaning the bearing correctly? The bearing would affect the responsiveness of the yoyo the most. Just make sure you follow the instructions.

Check to see if there are any debris on the bearing seat. And is the response system wearing out? If it is, bits of silicone may easily get into the bearing but can be solved by cleaning the bearing.

Didn’t work I just ordered another bearing

2 things may have happened:

  1. Bearing cage messed up
  2. whatever was in there… is still in there

or if you lubed it, that’s most likely the culprit.

I took the shields of I made sure nothing was in it I put thin lube on it .

Aaah, I see. How much thin lube did you apply? One drop? That’s too much.

Put a drop of lube on a needle. The needle cuts it down to 1/4 of a normal drop. Then apply the needle head size drop of lube onto one of the balls. Then spin it for a few times. Plug and Play.

Now, after you lubed it correctly, you gotta break it in. Just play with it and the lube will break down and ease it out. Faster way to do this is doing Gyro-Flops. I did 5 long Gyro-Flops and it was back to normal.

But you stated you cleaned the bearing, and if you did that correctly, no more lube should exist in the bearing. Hmmm… Did you lube it after you cleaned the bearing? If yes, clean the bearing again and apply the needlehaed size drop of lube and break it in. 3 steps.

I have one question I am going to try something new does isopropyl alcohol work tO break things down

I don’t think you should use that to clean your bearing…

Any particular reasons

Well, it’ll hurt your bearing and it might contain some water.

You don’t need any reason because it’s just plain bad for you bearing to be cleaned in alcohol.

From my experience Isopropyl alcohol doesn’t make metal rust (unless I’m wrong), I usually clean my bearings with alcohol but I only let them bathe for 15 minutes max

The issue is not that pure alcohol is bad for cleaning metal parts, in fact it is a very good solvent. The problem is that the most common concentration of isopropyl in rubbing alcohol is 76%. The other 24% is mostly water. Yes, there are higher concentrations, but they still contain some water. That water content won’t rust your bearings immediately, but it sure can leave tarnish, mineral deposits, and other less than desirable substances in your bearing.

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