bearing help

i have been having trouble with my bearings lately

they where being responsive so i cleaned them one drop of thin lube and then i played with it for a bout a week and it was still kinda responsive…

so i cleaned it again only a pin head of thin lube each played them for bout a day and still responsive like before then i posted this

any help?
thank you in advanced

What does it sound like when you flick the bearing with your finger? Most likely there isn’t any problem and you just need to break the bearings in.

nothing sounds weird when i flick it

i will just play with it for now if it is still like this or worse in a couple of days will bring this thred back

The question is what yoyo are u using… Also try watching the video of how to clean your bearing its in the first page of the modification forum.

also dont over lube ur yoyo that can provide the responsiveness of your yoyo… try putting a drop for about 2 weeks

Try to be patient and give it some love…

i should have mentioned i got it ;D

i just played with it