Really Short OneDrop Yoyo's Project Review


I’m suprised no one reviewed such an amazing yoyo. Well here’s mine.


Width-40.7 mm
Gap-4.24 mm
Bearing-Large ©

First Impression: Wow. That’s sick. This thing is tiny, and I just can’t believe how cool the shape is. From the look of it, the small grooves look like tey would improve grinding. It’s very simplistic, but also very sleek.

Grinds: Jeez. Grinds are killer. The Inner Ring/Lip isn’t very pronounced but I can still manage to do decent IRG’s, and the grooves do improve the grinding capabilities.

Play: Like putting a string on butter. This is absolutely one of the smoothest yoyos I’ve played in a while. It fits well in my hand and the flat rims give it a very interesting shape. It’s very angular, but very awesome on the string. Its small size is a plus for tricks like chopsticks. Also, this thing is legit for 5A, because it flows along so easily with the counterweight and string.


Shape: 9/10
Grinds: 8/10
Play: 8.5/10

And I know a ton of people have been wondering, is it like the DV888?


The DV888 is much more floaty on the string IMO. This thing is a tad light at a mere 64 grams, but don’t let that fool you. This yoyo is awesome, affordable and highly recommended.

(SR) #2

Nice review and all, but you could go more in-depth. You talked more about the dv888 than the Project it seems. Nice start, but I would keep going.


(JonasK) #4

I’ve expressed my opinion on rating several times before, and I don’t feel a need to repeat that. Not very in-depth and a lot of details could have been added. There’s about 4-6 lines actually describing the yoyo.


I didn’t really wanna go in depth, but ok.

(marcusWsteadman) #6

Nice review short, sweet and to the point.


is is a project or P2?

(SR) #8

He would have stated it was a P2 if it was one.




Have you tried one? If not, shut yer gosh darn gob! It’s UhMayZing!

(Gorrilla_YO) #11

would love to see pictures…its an okay review, go more in depth :-\

(JonasK) #12

If you don’t want to go in depth, you’re better off not making a review at all.


I went more in depth.