really sad

that my thread got deleted all because I was expressing my frustration about not being able to rome around and look at the booths at nationals… for you to delete my thread makes me feel like I’m unwanted here. so thank you for that… I’ll just you all alone… its bad enough I have enough going on in my life. But for the one place I thought I could come to and express myself deleting my post for nothing shows that I really am just a no body huh… Well I thank the people who did understand where I am was coming from. and now I’m done… THank you so much for making me feel worthless. I’ll leave you all alone. and never post again… Good Bye… . cries

You must be having a bad day. Nobody said anything unreasonable or unsupportive. Relax man, we’re all throwers here :stuck_out_tongue:

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You’re overreacting. Posts and threads get moved and deleted ALL the time. Don’t leave the forums over one hiccup, that would be a shame.

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Thank you for being the only one who understood me in my last post. I have a bad day everyday. Its not easy dealing with kidney failure, and then I thought I found a group of people who I could call my friends, who had the same hobby as me. But instead I get ridiculed for talking about how I felt about it and had my post deleted. Making me feel all alone and not wanted here. All I ever did was try my best to help other people out. and be helpful in every way.

It wasn’t moved. It was deleted because they didn’t like what I said. One Moderator/Admin didn’t like what I said and chose to delete the post without allowing me to further explain what I meant. “Someone” got what I meant and even said so in the last post That was deleted.

I apologize if I’m over-reacting, but right now I’m having a really bad day. like I do almost every day. When I have to deal with kidney failure, and more. plus getting closer to the anniversary of a childhood best friend I grew up with for over 15 years who passed away way to see in 2005, and my grandma passing away a week before my birthday. I have a lot on my plate right now. and mY life is truly not easy. I’m sorry if my little rant about $5-10 struck a chord with one of the admins. when It was mostly about the fact that I was so lost and confused on how we would get to tour the booths

You’re a really important member of the forums here, don’t leave us. I don’t know why they moved your thread it didn’t seem like you were violating any rules. But nobody was ridiculing you, I agree that I wouldn’t like having to pay just to watch nats if I were going.


Hey man, I’m sorry that we didn’t know about your situation. People weren’t ridiculing you as a person. It’s just that your “rant” was against people who are really trying hard to make Nationals a great contest. I know many people who run contests and at many times, they have to use money out of their own pockets. Empathy is needed in both sides of this conversation. Anyway, my condolences to your situation, I wish you the best

It wasn’t so much about the money, as I already paid for my seating. It was more geared toward how we would be able to see the booths. I don’t want it to end up like BAC where they had it where all the little kids cut infront of everyone and their parents did nothing about it and they took everything, leaving nothing for the people who waited patiently to buy something. I just don’t want that to happen again. where they might say, “okay, you guys got ten minutes to look around before the next player comes up, get out there and look at some of the booths by our sponsors.” and bam all the booths are swamped and no one will be able to do anything about it because they will mostly be little kids, YOu know what I mean. I understand the money thing completely and Already paid for my seats in advance. its getting around to see the booths. That I was wondering and ranting about.

People swamping the booths happens at every contest, unfortunately. Just get there early as they are setting up and you’ll have some time to be one of the first people to shop around.

No one said, “Hey we don’t like this Colby guy… Let’s delete his thread cuz we don’t want him”

I just stated that the cost is small compared to the much larger investment you’ve put into being/getting there. Which you don’t have a problem with, seeing as you’ve already paid.

I can’t get there early. I Have Dialysis… You know because of my kidney failure, I can’t say hey, I don’t want to go to dialysis today. I’m just going to skip it. Because I can’t do that. I WILL DIE. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. I WILL DIE IF I TRY TO NOT DO DIALYSIS!! I can’t get anywhere early… I wont be there on Friday until very late evening. If I could skip out of dialysis I would. I wouldn’t do dialysis if that was a choice I had, But I don’t. I live a very horrible and painful life. So I wont get there very early. I don’t have that luxury that others have. I truly don’t. I can do go on and on about it. But I really don’t want to as it depresses me enough as it is .

If you’re going to be there by Friday night, you can get up early for the main event on Saturday. Friday is just prelims so I don’t know if the manufacturers/retailers will even be set up as they’ll probably make most of their sales on the main day of the event. If they do set up on Friday though, they’ll still have plenty of stuff Saturday morning since Friday is kind of a pre-event type of thing.

I’m pretty sure that whats the admin did. Deleted it cause he didn’t want to deal with what I was sayin in the thread. Seems he took the easy way out, and just deleted my thread instead of taking a minute to read it, and realize that I was asking more about the booths and stalls then paying the very low price of admission. It was an accident that he deleted it. He did it on purpose. Question now is, does he really deserve that power if hes just going to abuse it and delete threads he doesn’t like…Cause that seems like abusing power. “Oh I don’t like what he said or this thread. Delete” I very happy though that there are people on here who realized where I was coming from and knew, hey this guys just having a bad day.

You my friend I hope is right.

I would expect most booths to be on Saturday as that is the longer day.

I’m a sponsor and will have a booth both days, but it’s a different sponsorship level entirely to get a booth both days, most did not do this. As of right now (according to the website), it looks like only YYE and myself sponsored at a high enough level to have a spot both days.

That means that literally everybody else who will have a booth, will most likely just have it on the Saturday.

I promise nobody is out to get you… you can believe that and be happy, or don’t and be upset… that’s your call.



I’m not going to argue this… I’m really not… in the other thread that got deleted all everyone was saying was “its just five dollars” you didn’t read what I ready… A lot of them pretty much made post saying certain things that didn’t need to be said. But I’m just going to drop it. its fine. If it makes everyone else happy. than that’s fine with me. I on the other hand what happy about what was being said against me because no one understood what my thread was really about except for “someone” than it got deleted cause apparently he thought he was right to do so. But I’m not here to argue, I never am. I come here to help others learn and to get help with my yo-yoing. and to and honest and kind friends. I don’t want to argue. so Its fine. just drop what I said.

I was mostly concerned about not being about to go around and tour the booths if we have to be stuck in a seat for the performance. that what really it. not to much about being charged to watch.

Booths will be open before the contest itself starts, so you’ll have time to browse anything cool before you go into the main performance hall. You can also come/go as much as you want between performances… the early stuff isn’t all that interesting to be honest, so plenty of time to stop by any booth you want.

I look forward to seeing you there :slight_smile:


Your OP from the last thread didn’t make it abundantly clear what you were more mad at. (Cost/Booth)

“So apparently it will cost you money just to watch the US nationals. It will cost you $5 for upper seats and $10 for the lower seats. How are we to go around and check out booths that people will have set up? This seems really stupid. I was truly looking forward to going. but now I don’t even want to go anymore. This is just STUPID!”

With this as the OP and a title of “Cost money to watch the US NAtionals Finals”, what do you expect the replies to be about?

It wasn’t off the wall for anyone to comment about the rather low cost of prices. These weren’t things that “didn’t need to be said” given the title and original post.

Sorry can’t have it both ways. The way it was originally presented made it seem like you were opposed to the fee. If people take it that way its not their fault, it’s yours for not presenting the information in the way you wanted it to be taken.

If you already bought tickets, no need to complain about the price in the OP and title. Jus sayin



You just keep it coming and coming, after everyone here got past that, you felt the need to bring it back for no reason… Congrats. Hope it makes you feel more like a man, when your not… Everyone here went on to talking about the booths. and yo had to make yourself feel mainly and bring back the cost of entrance, when I was way over that, buy hey whatever floats your boat. I thought we were past all the negative talk and back to just enjoying talking about the booths in nationals…I guess you proved me wrong.

That sounds awesome. See you there .I too look forward meeting you there

You can say what ever you want about me. You just can’t have a “falsified” version of the truth.

You can’t say, “well it really wasn’t bout the price.” When it was.

You can’t call people out of line, when they clearly weren’t. You can’t bend the truth in the next thread just because no one can review the first one. That isn’t right. That’s isn’t truthful. You shouldn’t make people feel bad, if they didn’t do anything wrong.

I hope that didn’t make you feel more like a man. That would be really sad.