Ready for Summer.

Ghetto paint job to keep things real during the summer.


Very cool.

Dang that’s cool.

That’s sweet! Pretty neatly done, too.

Sweet! What’s ano, and what’s paint? I assume the green is ano. What about the red?

What paint did you use? I want to be able to paint metal for my painting buisness.

Green anodize. Red/Black Acrylic paint.

The paint went on pretty alright just needs a lot of coats. Like I said it’s a ghetto paint job so it’ll scratch off pretty easy.

Happy you all enjoyed it.

i did this on a fhz but it doesn’t look nearly as cool as this.

Put a clear coat on and it won’t chip or scratch very easily

What a beauty!

:’( I bet it tastes as good as It plays

That’s a Duncan Metropolis correct? :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg its a watermelon!

It’s the Bounty Hunter

And thanks everyone for all the positive feed back really appreciate it.

hahaa hell yeah man thats nice

Thanks man that means a lot coming from you. ;D

Oh wow man. I think that’s the best paint job I’ve seen done on a yoyo yet.

Dang man, glad you liked it. :slight_smile:

Im a yoyo painter, can I copy it lol?