Re-turning a yoyo

Hi all, long time no post…

First some background; I recently had an 888 bead blasted by a co-worker, unfortunately it came back horribly unbalanced, to the point it would significantly affect sleep time.

Now to my question, I have access to a CNC lathe, would it be possible to re-turn the halves and remove the wobble? It doesn’t need to be perfectly smooth, but of course, the smoother the better.
I know it seems like a lot of work for a rather common yoyo, but its easily one of my favorite yoyos and I hate to just have it sit on the shelf or worse, throw it out.

Thanks for reading.

What kind of 888 is it? Was the axle removed? If the axle was removed that was glued in, then you can try recentering the axle to find the smooth spot. Some pics would be nice. If the bearing seat was blasted as well, the vibe could also come from the loose bearing seat.

Have you tried weighing both halves? Maybe one was blasted more than the other?

difference in weight between halves does not cause vibration/wobble… just precession (the yoyo will want to turn in a circle)

Using a CNC to re-machine an existing piece could be complicated… oddly enough it’s easier to do with a manual lathe.

Odds are high that it’s a bearing seat problem, would need pictures to really get a better idea. If the seat is ruined, you could do a hub swap where you cut it out and replace it.


I think it was just uneven blasting. I don’t think its the hub since I had made sure the bearing seat was masked (though a tiny bit did underneath)

As requested, I’ve attached pictures.

I should have mentioned it was anodized before it was blasted. You can see in two of the pictures that the blast was applied unevenly.

That looks pretty nasty. It doesn’t seem like the blast in the cup was very heavy though, since some of the scratches can still be seen on the blasted side. Try tuning it by centering the axle. It appears to be one of the earlier 888s that required so.

Throw it away it will never be smooth like it was once.
The blast ruined the yoyo, why the #### would you do that ?
The 888 is perfect as is(all the variations incuded), there’s no reason to mod it.

hey i think ive heard of your coworkers company, ‘Blindfolded Blasting’ right?

I’m sure you’re aware already, but I might as well explain. Many companies and people outside of our small community who offer blasting as a service use a much rougher media than what is normally used for Yoyos, and often blast parts where precision is not as important, but I agree with you, they did do a horrendous job blasting where it is easy to question whether or not they were being careful.

The struggle is real!

Would just take some sandpaper to it and remove the blasting on it. Re-tune the axle and it should be playable.

Thanks for all of the replies. I haven’t been able to do much about it due to other priorities. Once I’m able I’ll setup my poor-man’s lathe and try sanding it as some of you suggested.

Curious what 888 that was prior to the blast. Half red, half blue. The red is too red to be a Higby.