888 fans come here

Hey, oh sorry, hey is for horses. lol
So, as I was saying I know there are alot of 888 lovers out there so I thought maybe wecould all get together and share our 888 problems and see if we could help each other. So, how about it everybody?

keep spinning


Well I have a problem with mine. Today one of my fellow classmates absolutley whipped my 888 against the ground"accidently" and now it vibes like crazy.

I really don’t care that much because it is my beater anyway, but if I could tune it in any way that would be nice. (And unlikley)

Just sharing.

Have you checked the axel for a bend?
If there is a bend go to yoyoexpert.com
and check the price for a axel.

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The axle is fine. That was the first thing I checked. :’(

Ok. How about large chips in the yoyo.

         keep spinning


From further inspection of the yoyo, I can say it is nothing visable. The axle is striaght, there are no large chips, and it looks the same in general. It just has a mad vibe now. :’(

I want an 888 and I would trade but my G5 died…


i love my 888 and many other yoyos. a problem i have is that 1 day i threw it down and 1 of my k-pads popped out and stretched so i had to wait for more.


sili it

plays better with sili imo


I am going to say something stupid, cause obviously you already checked this probably :wink:

Bearing? Perhaps you need to replace the bearing? Also, what edition 888? Mine is 09 Aqua, and beat halfway to he**, and is still wonderfully smooth

Also spins longer in a hubstack spin time them Mike’s ;D

Lol. Samad. Also, I think we should not censor the word but just skip it altogether because the word is still implied.

It was a pre pro 888 that had no problems when I smashed it against the ground until now. I had tested the bearing theory, I had a KK in there, so I switched it out with another KK. That didn’t help. I also tried the stock dorothy, still no help. :‘( :’(

Thanks for the help though guys.

Why did you let somebody else throw your 100+ dollar yoyo? I wouldn’t let anybody (especially somebody that didn’t know how to yoyo) lay a finger on my 888.

I’m that way with a DM…

I agree especually with a metal
I let all my friends try out my ks and stuff but no metals at all
now I pay for letting them use my ks too…
it has like 10,000,000,000,000 schraches
but I dont really care cause I use it for os right now but I want na aqarios sooo bad

hey! hey!

can 888 be attached to KK bearing?
if it is possible…what size???(i need specific size no.)

Depends on which size bearing you got. Most of the 888’s use a large bearing, or size “C” as it’s known. But if it is then yes, you can get KK bearing here for under 15 bucks! :slight_smile:

I didn’t let them, they grabbed it while I as doing a trick. :cry:

I get annoyed when they grab it mid-trick… I just yelled “stop stealing my stuff!” As loud as possible. They run. Yoyo safe.