888 vibe

i have a 888 with a lot of vibe does anyone have any idaes on how to make it smooth

p.s. i took off the stacks and center the axle already

Is it vibe or vibey throw?

it is vibe i have been yoyoing for a while i have a good throw

Did you subject the 888 to any knocks or dings? If not, it is most probably a defect during manufacturing.

Teflon tape might do good.

Have you done any modding on the thing.

try screwing it together tight and moving the axle around. :wink:

Could you give us some more info? Telling us it has a vibe is only so vague.

Describe the yoyo more; condition, year, where you got it from, etc.

Thanks! :wink:

If we bought it from a contest, and it is B-grade, Could it be the vibe that makes it B-grade?