Fix for shipping vibe?

My 888 has a pretty severe vibe that came from shipping. The axle doesn’t really look bent to me. Could this be fixed? I’ve tried multiple bearings.

Let’s take a quick step back:

How have you determined that it’s from shipping? You can assume that the products are meant to be vibe-free from the factory and from the store, but that doesn’t mean they are. Unless somebody filmed themselves using it completely smooth, put it back into the package, and then ship it, you can’t say for sure.

So, let’s assume somehow you “know” and it IS from shipping. It can ONLY be physical damage.

If the bearing is fine, I would try a new axle. To the naked eye it might be fine, but all it takes is a small deviation. Best bet is to order one or see if one from another yoyo is a match. If that doesn’t work, these are usually just set screws that you can find at a hardware store; bring the yoyo and try to find a match. You might need to buy a plain ol’ screw with the right diameter and thread type, and hacksaw it down to size, filing the ragged edge left behind.

Bearing and axle are fine, then it would be the halves, either during the manufacturing phase or from shipping damage. Not much you can do about that except try to get an exchange. If it’s a new purchase, I’d be looking for an exchange anyhow without monkeying around with bearings and axles.

Let’s reiterate the first point, though: I don’t see how you can know for certain that it’s from shipping. If this is a BST type transaction, someone saying “I swear it was dead smooth! Must have been the shipping!” is fishy at best unless the person has outstanding reputation.


It should go without saying that you’d also better be darned sure about your throw! I still get wobbly vibratey action well over half the time I throw a yoyo because I’m lazy about fixing my throw. This makes the yoyo seem vibey, but it’s not the yoyo, it’s me.

One way to tell is to throw the yoyo into a nice sleeper. Lift the yoyo up by the string and lightly touch a fingernail to the rim of one side, which after a few seconds will even out the spin. If it’s spinning smoothly, your throw probably needs to be addressed before you fuss with the yoyo.


Grinds and the finger test don’t help. It was a BST yoyo, which was packaged fully assembled. But I can’t get the axle out. The key side it facing the hubstack post, which is covered on this 888 model.

Going to have to forgo the key and use pliers or vise grips or something. Could damage the threads, so if you’re going to wrench it out this way, be sure that you plan on replacing the axle!

Hex keys never work anyway…

Double Nut method to Remove an Axle

Sometimes they do. :stuck_out_tongue: (hex) Try taking off the hubs, to access the Hex. But go ahead and try the Double Nut Method to Remove An Axle, And then roll it on a flat surface, if it wobbles its bent, if it rolls smooth is not.

No, I meant the post itself is closed. So the only way to access the key side would be to take out the axle.