re-threading an orbis question.

ok, so a month or so ago my orbis smacked the ground hard enough to pop the axle out a bit and give it a nasty wobble. So my question is could it be re-threaded to fit the newer orbis axle which is a bit bigger in size?

I would love to get this yoyo working again.

The new Orbis axle is actually thicker? Or just longer.

Either way, a very general answer: Yes, you can get away with retapping a yoyo for a new axle that is larger in diameter (ie. thicker). You can’t go too thick or you end up with no bearing post. But for example, going from an M4 to an M5 (with the same thread pitch) is pretty common when it comes to retapping a yoyo.

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Thank you for the speedy reply GregP, my next question then would be can anyone on this forum do that and how much would it cost?

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