Stuck axle and bearing yyo orbis

Hello ! I received my orbis today and wanted to get the bearing of because i overlubed as usual but the problem is that the axle is in the same half and doesn’t have the hex sticking out and i can’t do either the drill or nut method because only 2-3 mm of the axle is sticking out of the bearing

Go to the hardware store and get a 1/4 OD steel tube. It will fit over the axle and into the bearing. Use it the same as any other bearing removal tool. Shouldn’t cost more that a couple of dollars.

Ok thank you i’m gonna see that in a few day, is it the spring thingy that some guy made a guide on ?

No, just a simple tube, but now that you mention it the “spring thingy” thing is pretty much the same concept. Get whatever you can find of the two. Take the yoyo with to check the size.

Well i have a yyf tool but it doesn’t work, should it ?

Does it fit over the axle? If so it should.

i retried but it didn’t remove the bearing,instead it unscrewed the axle. Oh lucky me :smiley: