Re: Beginner's Buying Guide!


Advice please,

I want to buy my son a beginner yo-yo he can sleep a yoyo but has been burdened with cheap plastic yoyos. The local TRU has very limited selection:

Yomega Fireball
Yomega Brain
Duncan Wooden Pro
Fast Eddy Looper
Fast Eddy Shooter

There was a Yomega butterfly model, sorry I missed the name on that one.

and that’s the lot…

What is a good basic beginner yoyo to start with to work on core skills before modelling up.


I would recommend the Classic over the Kickside. Just saying :wink: I also would not reccomend the speed dial because in my opinion it plays like garbage in that price range there are much better options such as the Rally,Yeti, and Shinwoo Zen series.



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Like Zen said, I think the Classic is the perfect fit for what you’re looking at. It’s great for beginners!


Uh, pretty sure he wants a yoyo to pick from the TRU. Maple, I suggest either the Brain or the Fireball. Let him understand how to throw the yoyo properly. When you see he has the basic gravity pull and sleeper down, then you can start to consider buying more advanced yoyos online. Also, if your son loses interest in yoyos, which is a possibility, you won’t have some expensive yoyos going to waste. I myself learned on a yoyo which didn’t even sleep. Spent my days practicing the gravity pull and forward pass ;D

Also, you should look at the date of the last post. If it’s too old, such as this one, just make a new thread about your question.


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He was using an old wooden Duncan that had it’s axle break, and then a series of those cheaper through away novelty yoyos, and he had one with a clutch that eventually gave up the ghost, and he choose a plastic yoyo the other day as prize at the arcade and he was excited, I’m not an expert but it was painful to use.

Is the Brain too basic with the clutch over the Fireball, he can sleep and kind of walk the dog already even with the unweighted plastic yoyos? Last time I was in TRU they only had one yoyo (Duncan classic natural wood coloured yoyo), so not a lot of selection, but I would like to get him something he can actually use and perhaps advance his interest in the sport.


If you feel he’s ready, by all means, go with the Fireball. I would buy that if he already knows how to throw a decent throw, and get it to return to his hand with ease. After the Fireball, the next step would probably be to look on YYE and get a good beginner butterfly yoyo. But we’ll talk about that when we get there. :wink:


Yeah, this is good advice. If his throw is there already, get the Fireball. It’s a cheap throw, so if he loses interest, it’s no big deal. If he is still interested and wants to get in to more advanced stuff, you can take a look on YYE.


I would go with the Duncan mosquito it’s a cheap ball bearing Yo.


I would go ahead and get a Duncan flipside because it comes with a responsive beginners bearing and an unresponsive konkave bearing which will save you a lot of money in the future when he starts learning more advanced tricks. Plus those other yoyos from tru are terrible for there price if you were thinking about buying one of those, trust me I know.


None of those.

These answers are based on what you’re willing to take on, but also keeping the price down.

At under $25, is the YoYoJam Legacy II. It ships responsive, letting you do tug returns. With the included YYJ Speed bearing, you swap the bearing and now you’re playing unresponsive. Simple, fast and easy. However, if you want to “man up”, the Dark Magic II is what the Legacy II is based on, but it costs $20 more but it is worth it. The metal rims do make a huge difference. The Legacy II is the plastic version.

If you don’t mind some DIU, the Classic is the way to go. It ships with a slim bearing and is responsive. Adding YYJ silicone o-ring response to replace the rubber o-rings and swapping the bearing with a YYJ Speed bearing keeps your price at just under $20. It’s more work because you have to order the yoyo, a set of pads and a spare bearing.

Next, would be the YYF Velocity, allowing you to dial in/out the response system to make the yoyo as unresponsive or as responsive as you please. Around $15, but a touch light.

The YYF One is just too light and small to get started, but at $10, it’s set-up like the Legacy II if you order the 2-bearing package: Thin bearing stock for responsive play, included wide bearing for unresponsive play.


The problem is selection, I live in a town that is full of cosplay and boardgame supplies, and more sushi shops than Starbucks, but try and buy a yo-yo.

Online there is a plethora of choice, but like many sports, you need to buy something good, yet inexpensive if the hobby does not take. You wouldn’t buy a mountain bike from Costco, or inline skates from Walmart…but if you’ve never ridden a dually or skated on 100mm dual durometer wheels, you’d never know what you are missing, and might only complain how your bike seems to fall apart or your feet hurt.


My local TRU carries the YoYoFactory Velocity. Check to see if any other stores have it in stock. It’s a fantastic beginner’s throw.


Thisthisthis. If you can find a Yoyofactory Velocity, get it! It has adjustable response, meaning it can go from responsive to unresponsive and in between with a spin of a dial. It’s also butterfly, so it’s the perfect choice if you know he likes yoyoing, but don’t want to order anything yet.


I tried to order the YoyoFactory Velocity, but they won’t ship to Canada, something to do with Yomega owning the trademark on the name yoyo here.

But I can order Magicyoyo e.g.,  T6 Sky Bow for $15 shipped… any recommendations on this brand?

I was just perusing dealxtreme (…I just picked this one because it is red.


Just order a YYJ New Velocity from YoYoExpert. Problem solved.

Not to distract from YYE, but for the time being, Ebay is the best place to get Magic YoYos. I hope that YYE may one day carry this brand.

The Magic T6 is undersized, so just be aware of that. I prefer the T5, which is full sized. As long as you like it, you’re good. I’ve been very pleased with this brand.


What? I have NEVER heard of Yomega having trademarks on yoyos here, heck, NO ONE’s allowed to have trademarks on yoyos. Not even Duncan.


I think that’s true. Outside of the BRAND and LOGO being trademarked, I don’t see how an individual product NAME could be trademarked.

I do know there’s some sort of issue though with the term yo-yo, since they have to use the term “return-top” in Canada due to trademarks.

I’m also fairly sure there’s some store in Canada that sells yoyos and is able to sell nearly whatever they want.


You know what? That explains a lot, Studio. Like, for example, why CLYW calls their yoyos return tops. Or the Canadian nats are called the Canadian Return Top Nationals. Come to think of it, I think MF also calls them return tops…interesting.


If you have a toys r us around they usually carry some yoyofactory and some yoyojams in there.