Re: battle?

sure bro. how are we gonna go about doing this?

How about:

2 throws
1 or no regens?
Hubstacks can be used

Sound good?

fair enough. this may sound kinda freshy but whats a regen?

It’s when you bring the yoyo up and snap it back out again without catching it. It just increases the combo length if youre running out of spin. Ann Connolly does it quite a bit.

I’m gonna go start making my video now.

Oh yeah. No editing. You can add music and credits and an intro and stuff, but keep the camera at the same angle for the whole trick.

ok thanks.

When do you want to have the videos up by?

its friday now so monday.


this should b interesting

So, are you okay with 1 regen?

my video is ready. Just send me yours once you get it made.

i feel like such a jerk i dont have it. ive been busy al day. give me till tommorow i promise.

Your so busy to be posting on a forum?

To make a video.

haha It’s no big deal :stuck_out_tongue:

I cant to far away probibly