regenration for 1a


Do a bind, then do a hop the fence or a loop. You can see andre doing it here.

00:40 starts it.

It’s basically a hop the fence. You bind and then you shoot it back out when it’s close to your hand. You can also try to actually grab the yoyo while it’s returning. This seems to be more used in 5a though.

Yuuki here does many cool regens.

You can also see Andre do it in many of his tutorials.

regens are also good when your doing a video battle and you only have 3 throws you can regen and continue and it wont be counted as a throw

But many do say that regens count as throws. Just saying.

If a regen counts as a throw, it should be in the battle rules (set by the challenger). And you see people that doesn’t want regens in video battles at all.

Regens are awesome. Here’s my favorites: (I don’t know of any official names, these are just what I call them)

Note When doing a regen, it really helps to have the yoyo spinning slower than normal, so either do really long tricks or throw less hard if you’re planning on a regen.

Standard Regen - As the yoyo climbs back up the string from a bind, right before you catch it, whip the wrist around so the yoyo basically flips over your wrist and goes back out. This can be very hard to make straight sometimes. Just practice. Its basically a hop the fence.

Two- Handed Regen - As the yoyo comes back, grab it with your non-throwhand. Toss the yoyo over your throwhand, and it will regenerate.

Back of Hand Regen - As the yoyo comes up, point your hand in the direction of the yoyo, and flick your wrist up. This should make the yoyo hop up. Land it on the back of your throwhand. Flick your wrist downward, and the yoyo will regenerate.

Check out this video, especially from 3:07 - 3:21 for those and more!

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Did you forget the link?

Yes. I copied and didn’t paste :slight_smile: Fixed.