Noob Battle

Anyone want to do a 1A battle. The rules would be 1 throw, 2 regens and no edits, i am experienced 1.5 years. any takers?

I would but i can’t regen. how about just three throws?

Can you hop the fence? Can you bind? You can regen. :slight_smile:

Yeah three throws would be great :slight_smile: so how about like a minute long video?

What is a regen? I think I would qualify for the noob list :wink:

A regen is when you bind but you dont catch the yoyo so the spin is regenerated and begins spinning agian in the opposite direction.

how good are you?

I guess that is then what kimmit did in the world’s this year. Ok yeah I haven’t figured that out yet. Sure I’ll join the noob battle. I’ve been in it for a little over a year now. However, I know only a couple of advanced tricks, haven’t been practicing long :frowning: but i’ll try

I’ve been yoyoing for a year and a half. and i feel like a noob comparative most people on the forum

ill do it ive been yoyoing for almost 5yrs now

Ok. so do you want to do a 1 throw 2 regens? and can yoiu have the video to me on sunday?

I’d rather put a time limit on it than regens, not sure if I can learn them in a week. So this coming sunday (Week from today) is when you want the video’s in? I’m game, sounds like fun. I think I only have like 45 seconds worth of tricks so learning another 15 seconds of new tricks plus regens might be a little tricky for me, just let me know.

ill join a 1 min time limit i think i can do that been working on a simple combo

I’m down for a 1 minute time limit. No edits! :slight_smile:

I’m in

Ok so one minute no edits, noobs only? haha. I don’t want some 7 year old on here making me look worse than I already am! :slight_smile: Then what have the community rank them? Then tally it up that way?

not that easy, I’ve been working on regens since a month now and I wouldn’t say I can do it.

@1a If you would like I can organize this since it’s not the original rules you wanted :stuck_out_tongue: but none of us can regen, so we are sooper noobs! :stuck_out_tongue:

Im in regens or not ;D Ive been yoyoing for a little over a year :smiley:

I just spoke to 1a and it looks like he is not really looking for noobs but average players. He I guess placed 9th out of 36 in one comp and 15th out of 52 in another so that is way too much skill for me haha, I’ll start a new thread for people of lower talent level. :slight_smile: