Anyone wanna battle?

Let’s go round 2!!!
ps. I have a ton of school stuff to do around this time, so forgive me if I take some time to upload another vid

Awesome ill film 2day if i can!

Ill go make a post

Leftylink is too good for ya :smiley: ill take you on, should be fun.

Edit: dang it am i too late?

Hehe… Three way yoyo battle time!!!

Lets do this!

Hey Actually lets battle after ur school stuff is over, im gonna battle this other guy

Jk lets do this andy!

You don’t know that, he may have gone easy on me last time

Cool, so rules? I prefer not to do one throw this time around if thats ok

Why no one throw?

Just want to do something a little different from the usual :slight_smile:

The rule of one throw- replace all throws in your combo with a regen. :stuck_out_tongue:

I suck at regens :stuck_out_tongue:

So all three of us? :slight_smile:

My combo is going to be about 45 second I think, so I only need to do I regen, which is not bad

So… Rules?

One throw
Regens allowed
No speeding up vids

Oh and swivels allowed

What about length?

Under 2 mins

I recomend 1:15