possible new type of regen

As it turns out, if your yoyo is about to stop spining, if you brush the side downwards very quickly it will spin faster, allowing a yoyo to spin forever. I can see this bieng smoothly worked into trick s to make infinite combos. what do you guys think?


Do you mean a stall?

I think he means hitting the yoyo with your hand to make it spin faster.

Oh, so basically a snap start?

Exactly, but more efficiently

Interested to see if anyone can pull this off

I think he means brushing your hand on the yoyo to keep it spinning. Akin to a basketball player brushing a ball that’s spinning on his finger.

I don’t think it’s possible without tilting the yoyo, but who the heck knows anymore? I mean, they’re playing yoyo sideways now-a-days.

The yoyo doesnt ilt if you are carefull to hit both rims simultaneusly

Its definitely possible but it might look kind of goofy.

Im gonna make a video today of my first attempts

I just did it numerous times. Not that hard. Try it!

I mean what my first teqniques not atempts

Can we name them after you?

And call them breakfast regens?


Breakfast Regens ftw!

Breakfast regens :smiley:

Video please! ;D

just finished it, enjoy  ;D



That doesn’t look nearly as bad as I was imagining them to be. I might have to indulge in some of these Breakfast Regens next time I pick up a yoyo.

I was thinking the same thing!
Also Breakfast Regens is my new favorite trick name