Has anyone come up with a technique to regenerate the spin on of your yoyo without having to “re-throw”? And the stop and go does not count, something more fluid and without actually stoping the yoyo.


You aren’t really stopping the yoyo when you regen. Think of it sort of like looping except with the bind being used to bring it back and then re-throw it kind of sort of like 2A looping where you’re not catching it.

Fluidity depends on skill. Watch Jensen’s 2010 1A performance or most of the better 1A performances at Worlds, most regen like it was second nature, smooth and fluid.


I’ve seen Jensens performance and it’s crazy. If you arnt paying attention you can’t even tell. Every time I’ve tried this I can’t throw the yoyo back straight or it hits the ground.


His 2011 performance was the performance with one initial throw and the rest regens. Ridiculous.


I need to correct myself.

2010 was when Jensen won with a Northstar. I did not mean 2010.

What I meant to say was 2011. Yes, 1 throw and I think 2 or 3 regens. That is the performance I meant to refer to.

I have downloaded many amazing videos. Jensen’s 2011 performance is by far one of my most favorite. It had everything: direct relation to the music, artistry, showmanship, complete and total control AND mastery of the yoyo. Every move had a purpose, reason and function. Nothing was wasted at any point during the performance. It was, in short, perfect. Artistic expression in motion.

It did not win. Marcus Koh won that year. Based on how points are accumulated, there’s simply no way Jensen would have won. It’s fair. His performance did exactly what it needed to do.

Watch that video. It shows regens as clean as they’ll ever get and as fluid as you’ll ever see.


Don’t thank me. Just wipe the drool off your chin!


I watched the video and wow, that was pure insanity.


Yuuki Spencer, 2005.