RAyoyos Chupacabra!

Ok, first off, this is my first review. Don’t hate. Second, I’m too lazy to type out specs, so here you are:http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,45910.0.html
Keep in mind I am not a super experienced yoyoer, so my views can be different from your’s.

Useful Info:

  1. Fullsized
  2. Manufactured by One Drop
  3. Comes with One Drop 10ball Bearing
  4. Also has flow groove response
  5. Pretty awesome Annodization job

Onward to the actual review

Shape, Anno, and finish: I like the shape, it’s a kind of V with an extra ridge. Pretty wide and easy to land, not a super wide yoyo, though. The annodization is pretty awesome. It looks pink while spinning. The finish is what I think is a light beadblast. Don’t quote me on that. It grind pretty good IMO. Pictures at Bottom.

Playing impressions. First off, these impressions are not stone cold fact. My style is probably way less complicated than yours. I kinda stink. Keep that in mind. I threw this yoyo down, and I felt it. My it, I mean nothing. This yoyo is so smooth. It played well beyond my expectations, and you can definetely feel the One Drop influence. As I said before, grinds are pretty good, but not great. The yoyo, IMO, is not too big, and feels good in the hand. Another important thing is how fast this is. You give it a push, and it breaks the sound barrier. It also seemed to be pretty stable. However, when it got tilted, it wasn’t easy to correct.

I think it was worth the money. Definitely keep an eye on RAyoyos. I don’t know when they are coming to YYE, but mark your calendars when you find out. I compare the playability to my Cascade. It can handle all that I throw at it, even if that isn’t much.

Side View
Front View
The Whole Gang

Oh yeah, btw, this guy has 2 for sale:http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,50419.msg501893/boardseen.html#new

They might not be mint, but that is a great price.

Nice review! Wouldn’t mind trying one out myself.

Why not copy and paste the specs? ???

I figured that the official thread would be a good read, so I just linked it here.

Update, that BST is now selling 2 for 100 on eBay.

Can anybody comment on my reviewing? I kind of want to do some more reviews, but I’m not sure if I’m good or not.

I liked your review. I think you could’ve comment more on how it handles multiple layers in the gap, tech tricks, whips, ect. But you did say your skill is not very advanced so that’s ok. Overall, nice review.

Those are some good tips, thanks.

I’ll try to include them the best I can from now on.

Any other thoughts?

That guy isn’t selling the Chupacabras on eBay anymore.

Any other thoughts.

That same guy has the Chupacabras for sale seperately. Go bid to get them cheap!

More people will be reviewing the Chupacabra soon.


Really want one of these!

This sounds like a real good throw . I like the shape. Can you do a review on your cascade?

Will do if I have the time.

Are you interested in buying one? I am thinking of selling mine.