RAyoyos Chupacabra: A High Speed YoYo Review

RAyoyos is the latest in a long line of young upstarts to hit the market. Their first release borrows its name from the Central and North American hobgoblin called the Chupacabra, whose name literally translates into “goat sucker”. I am glad they used the actual name instead of the translation… I would have a hard time telling non-yoyo players that I am throwing a Goat Sucker. When talking about the yo-yo to company owner Ryan Jacobs, he told me he wanted an angular yo-yo similar to the Japanese designs that had a distinct focus on speed. In his own words he said, “it is meant to fly through the air”. Let’s see if he nailed it on this freshman effort.

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Nice review. Your reviews always want to make me pick up what ever you’re reviewing.

That yoyo is absolutely STUNNING. The shape is just so… perfect. I wish I could get my hands on one.


I agree. I got one in my secret santa, a limited edition one from Ryan Jacobs himself, and it is phenomonal.

I love the review.


I didn’t try much horizontal because I am horrible at it. ;D

The little I did do was pretty darn stable. The catch zone is impressively easy to hit.

I’ve heard good things about this yoyo. I would love to try it for myself! Seems like a winner from what I’ve heard.