Rate how my friend plays :D

Do you know him in real life? Or are you just calling him your friend since he is in the Phillipenes as well? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, I really know him Samad :smiley:

Ernest Kahn :smiley:

9/10, REALLY SICK!!! Thats my rating

I’m gonna have to say…11.987/1

But seriously, that was amazing! That’s probably my favorite style that I’ve ever seen!

That. Was. Amazing.

Awesome!!! 11/10

woah. im very impressed 10/10



He’s really smooth!

:o wow… :o

way better than me what yoyo is he using and where is the first 3 sec. in the beginning?



Obcenely good!!! ;D

english please?


I just mean he’s really good. My spelling is atrocious. =P

looked like p2

again lol