Raptor woes... HELP!!!

Today at school I was playing with my brand new Raptor that I got for my birthday(my birthday was on the 10th). I talking to one of the people who likes to watch me yoyo when I looked down and all of a sudden my yoyo flew apart mid-trick, hurtling in two oposite directions! I gathered the halves but the axle was missing. A few others and myself looked for it, but it was luchtime, and we were in the cafeteria, so we found nothing. I looked in the shop here for another axle, but there was none. What should I do? Should I contact Yoyoexpert? The yoyo did get a few scuffs when it flew apart.

This odd phenomenon comes up every once in a while. I’ve heard it blamed on not tightening the yoyo tight enough, but I think it usually is just the shifting of the axle inside the yoyo until it gets to a point where the halves can simply split apart.

My C3 Token has done this twice now, and there was a thread about one of the CLYW throws doing this as well.

I have no idea if it is considered a design/yoyo flaw, however.

bump…need advice!PLEEEAASE? :wink:

Find a set screw at Home Depot that fits, buy it, and cut it down to the desired length.

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