Remove Axle from Yomega Raider.

I’m haveing a problem with my raider st when I try to tighten it, the yoyo skips, and it is loose again. I can still thow it, but it is not as responive as I’d like. I would like to figure out it the problem is with the axel or witht the half(I’ve tinkered around to know that it is not the other yoyo half.) If it is with the axle, then i can just replace if it is with the half, I guess I’ll need a new raider (which isn’t urgent since this is my second.

All that to say. How do I remove the axel? I’m having trouble getting it out of this raider or my good raider. does it just twist out?

your nut casing cracked, so you need to buy a new raider

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Thanks, I think you might be right. I think I can see some fractures in the plastic, Since these are my first raiders, I did not recognize it., Thanks!

Yah this may happen with a few Raiders before you finally get to the point where it doesn’t. You’re going to have to replace the broken half or get a whole new one.

Yeah, I guess I’ll purchase another one next time I get some yoyo’s or stuff. I’ll just save up the good halves, and maybe the axles if the come out, in case I brake another one(I don’t remember overtightening this one, but i guess accidents happen.) I do like it(my functioning Raider) far more than anything else I’ve tried looping.

If you wanna loop a Raider, you’ll need plastic spacers. NEVER overtighten Raiders with the stock metal spacer, it won’t do anything other than breaking it.
Also a tip to tighten the yoyo is to hold one side on your palm then twist the other side, once it’s sliding on your palm it’s tight enough.