My favorite looper :(

Today I was playing with my raider and decided to try this cranking mod thing and right below the threaded end of my axle broke and is now stuck in the nut what should I do and can I take off the caps? I don’t want to have buy another but will if I need to.

Learning to mod Raiders is expensive.

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If it broke, how can it be stuck?? If you can get some pictures he can help you more easily :). Try unscrewing it? Will it not unscrew at all? Can you pull the halves apart with strength?

It can be “stuck” because there’s not enough of the screw left to grab on to to unscrew it.

No, raider caps are not removable (easily that is).

Well the threaded piece axle snapped in the nut which is in the yoyo not allowing me to screw the pieces together

O, so they are not stuck together? You could try putting some glue on the tip and stick it in there. It might go together and stay, but it won’t unscrew.

My 2 cents, do not try something you do not know how to do on a yoyo you love :).

Glue won’t work.

Doesn’t matter what he tries at this point, it’s pretty much toast w/o some major surgery.

Drill a hole in the cap.
Its fairly easy and you will see lots of peoples fireballs with this hole.
Also did you try cranking it with metal or plastic spacers?
Also if you crank it from what I understand you have to sand down the plastic spacers first.
Don’t try it with metal spacers.

Whats the hole going to allow? To get the broken pieces out? How will he get it working after that?

I just picked up another raider neon edition

Never thought of that.

It might allow access to the nut to unscrew it, in which case all he would need is a new axle to fix it.

once you get into a raider/fireball its a nut in a hub tower. you can just take it out like duncans. They are not uncommon and the axles can be bought, or scrapped from another broken fireball/raider.

Ok, I get it. Never had a Yomega so I didn’t know.