Do yoyo's come apart often?

Hi everyone, was wondering if its normal for yoyo’s to come apart during play?

It has happened twice today while practicing multiple trapeze to brothers. I made sure the yoyo was tight.

Bit worried its defective or something.

Unless you’re hitting the floor, that shouldn’t happen. I’ve had the yoyo come apart once when it hit the floor.

I’ve seen/had a few fly apart during use having not been hit on anything. Depends on the yoyo. One of them not even a different model, just a different colourway :-\ Guess it comes down to the bearing seat and how well the axle hole is tapped. Try throwing a little plumbers tape on the axle.

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No I’ve not been hitting the floor, so its not that.

So do I take the axle out, and wrap it in plumbers tape on the edges? Wouldn’t that stop the thread being able to screw together?

Just keep it semi tight, but not too tight. If the yoyo has a short axle this can happen.

That’s exactly what you do. If it has trouble screwing back together, you’ve used too much tape.

Not true, they can come apart just from a throw. Use plumbers tape or LIGHT duty loctite on the threads.