Noob question...


Is there such a thing as taking apart your yoyo too much? ???

(M.DeV1) #2

Well I know some yoyos like yoyofactorys high end metals tend to get a pinch of vibe after being taken apart so many times but other then that no.

Yoyos will not become unplayable because of taking them apart.


There is a chance that if you take it apart too much, the axle could strip. I know that from experience (hence the name). You should be good though. I only did that basically because I was new and had no idea what I was doing and would just open them all the time.


Generally NO. Just be careful putting it back together so you don’t cross thread it.


Generally no. But it is possible to introduce vibe if you dis- and reassemble your yoyo too much. Sometimes when you unscrew the halves, you can shave a tiiiiny bit of aluminum off the threads (mainly due to the axle typically being a harder metal). If enough is taken off, you can get some vibe and make it easier to cross thread it.


Use a toothpick or something like that to undo knots. Saves time too.


Yeah slowly screw it back together, if you feel that it’s going in wrong while turnin clockwise, quickly go the other way, counter clockwise and re try screwing back together. Threads in the yoyo will strip before the threads in the axel.