Rank Your Hobbies

This is somewhat similar to the “Rate The Awesomeness…” thread, but it’s more of a thought-experiment: imagine a genie, djinn, or other powerful supernatural creature appeared before you, and for whatever reason this being told you that you could only participate in one of your current hobbies for the rest of your life. (“Hobby” is defined for the purposes of this thought-experiment as “a pursuit outside one’s regular occupation engaged in especially for relaxation”; assume that things like “spending time with family,” “attending church,” or “casually watching a TV show or a movie from time to time” don’t count as a hobby and therefore would still be allowed.) Which of your hobbies would you choose?

Then imagine that this apparition said “okay, I’ll be generous - you get TWO hobbies.” Which two would you go with?

Then imagine that this creature said “okay, okay, you’ve convinced me. THREE hobbies.” And so on down the line. For me, my hobby ranking (one through ten, although you can certainly rank more or fewer as you like) would be as follows:

  1. Reading. If I had to give up everything else, I would keep reading. Outside of my family and my faith, reading (classic literature, contemporary literature, non-fiction, science-fiction, fantasy…) is the most important thing in my life, and I don’t think I would want to live in a world in which I couldn’t read for leisure.

  2. Music. This might be kind of weird to describe as a hobby (especially given that I don’t play an instrument) but by “Music” I don’t mean just listening to some random radio station as I drive; I mean actively seeking out new bands, reading reviews, and ranking my favorite albums of any given year (I’m big on ranking, in case you couldn’t tell). A world in which I couldn’t do that would be a sad world indeed.

  3. Exercise. This one’s kind of a cheater, because there are several different categories of exercise that I participate in, each of which one could argue merits its own ranking. But it’s my thought-experiment, so I’ll allow it. Aside from reading and music, the next thing I wouldn’t want to live without would be running, weight-lifting, interval training, etc.

  4. Board games. By this I really mean European Strategy Board Games. I got bit hard by the board game bug back in 2004, and although my interest has waxed and waned, it’s always been among my top five hobbies. It doesn’t hurt that a lot of socializing with my group of friends is centered around board games, and almost every Saturday will find us playing a game of Dominion, or Race for the Galaxy, or Puerto Rico, or Agricola, or Princes of Florence, or Le Havre, or Small World, etc.

  5. Video games. I don’t know what I need to say about video games - you all know what video games are, and you either appreciate them or you don’t. There was a time in my life when they would have been much higher on this list (probably number two), but there are still usually about four or five releases a year that capture my interest sufficiently to merit a place in the top five.

  6. Yoyos. Kind of surprising given how into yoyos I’ve gotten that it’s only number six. That said, a little more than two months ago I wouldn’t have even thought to put yoyos on this list, period, so number six ain’t bad.

  7. Snowboarding.

  8. Stand up paddle boarding.

  9. Hiking.

  10. Wake surfing.

(You can tell at that point I got a little tired typing out a blurb for each one.)
Well guys, what are YOUR hobby rankings?

  1. Bike Rides, even a short 2 mile bike ride is so satisfying.
  2. Lacrosse, It’s my last year in high school lacrosse. Won’t be playing any in college, hopefully I pick up my stick and shoot after school and into my adult life.
  3. Pottery, I’ve thrown ceramic pots on a wheel for 4 years now!
  4. Hiking, spring day hikes are just around the corner :smiley:
  5. Yoyos, Im not the greatest, but 1 year throwing now…it’s been fun :slight_smile:
  1. I’m gonna have to agree with the OP and say if I had to give up all my hobbies and keep just one it would be reading. I’ve always been an avid reader (about a novel every 3-4 days) and when I don’t have book I’m currently reading I feel empty.

  2. Music. Can’t live without it. Period.

  3. Flying r/c. I’ve always been into flying fixed wing R/C, but the last few months I’ve only been flying my AR Drone 2.0. It’s such a fun hobby. There’s always a new modification or new equipment to try out. I love flying. The Drone is basically a flying computer, so working on it appeals to my meticulous nature. I love tinkering with stuff. Nothing is more satisfying than taking something apart, modifying it, then putting it back together and it working better than it did before.
    Quadcopters are somewhat new to me but it’s a blast. Anybody else on here have an AR Drone?

  4. Surfing and skateboarding. Those will always be in my life.

  5. Android stuff. The last two years I’ve really gotten into Android. I love modifying my phone. Trying new apps, waiting for new stuff to try out, rooting, trying custom ROMS. Good stuff.

  6. Airgun shooting. I know thus sounds like a weird one to everybody, but airguns are fun too. I love shooting. I have a 22 caliber nitro piston air rifle that’s a blast to shoot. It’s safer than big guns, and cheaper. A very fun time.

I think that’s pretty much it. Those are all the major ones anyways. I didn’t include yoyoing in there because that’s pretty much a given. I’ll akways be a yoyoer.

Tied for first…

  1. Yoyoing and reading(It’s a draw)

This doesn’t really count, but if you do count it, hanging out with my family (Blood and spiritual) is definitely first.

  1. yoyoing
  2. music
  3. bike riding
  4. forum using (lol)
  5. Facebook
  6. Foodie
  7. reading
  8. ifunny

Oh what the heck… I forgot to list DRUMMING right underneath reading. I’ve been a drummer for 12 years. I guess it’s just such a part of me that I forgot to list it… Forum using as well, I post frequently on about 5 different forums.