I want to explore some more hobbies. I like yoyoing,cubing,gaming,Magic the gathering,Pokemon,and fishing. Any suggestions?


A couple other of mine: hacky sacking, pool (billiards), biking, and airsoft.

Airsoft is great! You get to build a load out, work with your “weapons” to build them how you want and so many other fun things :slight_smile:

I guess if you would count school, I practically spend 14 hours a day for school/ school work…


Do you fly fish yet? If you’re crafty, tying your own flies is cool… You said biking… Does that include trail/ mt biking? Lots of good rides here on the left coast. Archery is a good hobby as well… You said billiards, possibly you can find a dart league if you’re competitive minded.




take a local motorcycle safety course.

then go buy an old used motorcycle.

then after 1-2 years, get a better motorcycle. :slight_smile:

find twisty roads, and don’t stop till you’re too old to pick it up off the kickstand. 8)


I love fishing, playing call of duty, and mountain biking. Swiming in a lake too. :smiley: I do fly fishing too, but I still need to get the hang of it. This is totally random, but if you flick your toe while in a lake by the dock, all the little sunfish will come gather around your foot. One time a fish bit my pinkie toe…


yoyoing, bowling, pool, yugioh. Tennis too but I guess that’s not really a hobby.

I love bowling, I wish I could do it everyday, same with yoyoing. I really wish I got more involved with it earlier, I might’ve even been able to make a living off it, that’d be great ;D

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I read a Life Pro Tip recently that advised finding three hobbies. One to help keep you in shape, one to help make money, and one to allow your creative juices to flow.

My personal advise is find what makes you giggle like a little girl, then follow that.


I like that!!! Well said… :slight_smile:

Yoyo… painting/drawing… lifting heavy things… and Aircooled Volkswagens 8)


Try contact juggling or monkey knuckles and maybe begleri

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Learn an instrument.


Hmm… Drawing, photography (when I have time), building custom keyboards, reading about new tech, and reading sci-fi novels. Man that sounds pretty geeky… Lol


I have lots of hobbies, but these days I mostly use my (rare) free time to fly fish. There is very little on earth like being out on the river. It enriches your soul in a way that is indescribable.


Agreed!!! I suck at fly fishing, but I’ve been fishing for trout since I was a kid.


I think we should make a fishing thread on here. More fishermen than I though…


I like to write books. I have always done short stories, but now I’m working on a longer one that I plan on self-publishing when I finish it.


Nice! What kind of book is it? :slight_smile:


I play Magic the gathering, Kendama,

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Me too! :slight_smile:


I’m also an avid amusement park enthusiast and a member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts. Just landed a job too at my local amusement park working in their entertainment dept, applying my other love, graphic design to this brand new job position that was created.

When not at the parks, at work, or yoyoing, I’m messing with the upcoming PC game, “Planet Coaster.” It’s a spiritual successor to the RollerCoaster Tycoon series (Please don’t get me started on the newest RCT World game, that game looks awful).