Random yoyoing did-you-knows

Did you know the caps to some duncans (hayabusa, flipside, and I think FHZs) will fit almost perfectly in the werrd 86400? (try it for yourself and use suction cups to remove them)

Do you know any other pointless factoids? Share them here!

  1. Did you know that you can reuse an old silicone pad by cleaning the sticky gunk on the pad, half-filling the groove with rtv, flip over the old silicone and stick it onto the rtv.
    It’s one way to reuse old pads so you can literally wear them down to nothing, or at least that’s the idea.

  2. Did you know that you can clean bearings with gasoline.

  3. Did you know that Yomega Raider and Fireball and their derivatives are of the same mold? The only difference is the internal, Raider have bearing and spacers while Fireball have slightly thicker axle and plastic sleeve. So basically a modded Raider (with plastic spacers) is the same as modded Fireball.

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  1. You can clean sustain heavy injuries possible of putting one in the hospital from yoyoing?
  1. Leaving a yoyo in hot car in the summer can sometimes cause the response pads to come out.

Speaking of caps, lateral caps fit into the Pulsefire (and I think someone said they fit the Rave?)

Unless I understood it wrong…

That answers point #2

  1. Most won’t likely use it, but it works, which answers op’s question.


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  1. There are yoyos from Ancient Greece that date back to 400-500 BCE.

This is also true when the temperature drops below 20 degrees or so, every spring I have to push orings in and redo silicone pads.

They fit in the Catalyst too!

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Did you know that yoyos have the mysterious ability to make wallets lighter?


Did you know if a yo-yo falls in a forest it does make a sound?

If a yoyo fall in a forest, will hipsters buy the album?

Ummm…Ok. :-\ That was deep :smiley:

Do you know when yoyos hits your head it hurts.

this is a quote from my grandmother “did you know that the new finagled yoyos don’t come up when you pull the you have to do some type of trick called a bind” and i be like i know holy crap do u not watch me when i practice in the LIVING ROOM

I know this all too well…

BovineAssassin i’d be pretty proud if my grandma knew about binds

3A was the result of a bet between Mark McBride and Steve Brown. Every year since 1998 they’d have a year long bet, with the winner getting usually a steak dinner. In 1998, the bet was to make a trick with 2 spinning yoyos (which Mark McBride won). The result was velvet rolls.

did you know that if you throw a dread g(80 gram version) really hard while the string is tangled, the result may not be so good for your health?