Random Yoyo Happenstance!!

I decided to throw in a new place in the building today on lunch.

During lunch break … just a few minutes ago. One of the facilities workers walks by and stops to watch me for a min. I can tell she has a question so I stop…

Me: “Hi, I’m James” as i reach out to shake hands
She goes to speak and pauses …I can tell she is looking for the words. thinking about what she is going say.
Her:“You have website?” in broken english… her first language is spanish.
Me:“No I don’t have a website but I use website called yoyo expert”
She looks at me… i think… oh she probably didn’t understand that
Her:“I don’t speak english … ummm… my son he likes can you give me website?”
Me:"Does he play with yoyo?
Her:“He is 12. He is interested.”
thinking he may not have a yoyo i ask
Me:“Does he have a yoyo?”
things kind of went downhill from here i don’t think she understood me and i tried to ask several different way’s …but…
Me:“Do you have email?”
Me:“Numero?” while i point at my phone
she gives me her number i send her yoyoexpert.com, my email and phone number in a text
Me:“My son is 11 he plays too. Maybe we an meet your son and show him.”
Her:“Thank you, this was meant to happen. God put you in my path today!”

so… hopefully to be continued…


That is so cool :slight_smile: hopefully your sons can meet up and play.

Right on!

I always wonder how may times this would happen if we all yoyoed in public on a regular basis. I myself am too self conscious to do so. There are times that I wear my Duncan, OneDrop or CLYW shirts that I see people looking at me. If I was throwing they may strike up a conversation. Props to you Turbo.

Got dem digits!


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Haha awesome

Good job, man!

Good story man!