Ramshackle Throw Design official Announcement

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Hello all I’m finally making the official announcement of Ramshackle Throw Design and our first yo yo the Teh Kauw.

https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1678/25563299924_a53878243a_o.pngreal render by Alecto42, on Flickr

Official specs for Teh Kauw will be released soon along with an official site.
I waited until the yo yo started machining before i decided to make an official page for my new fledgling company. So for those of you who have been in my small circle of friends thats why it took so long for me to make this thread.

Anyway enjoy and i will try to answer all the questions i can at this moment.


What is the meaning behind both the company and yoyo name?


and congrats, by the way.

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There is no meaning only awesomeness…

Jk… teh kauw will be explained later, but ramshackle came up in a conversation while naming the company.



(especially of a house or vehicle) in a state of severe disrepair.


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just wondering…Teh Kauw render looks great

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Thank you i do understand my name choices are a bit strange, but it will start to make more sense as the company progresses.

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mahining has officially started after a few minor delays. specs will be up within the next few days a long with a facebook page and a website if i have time.


looks great, good luck my friend

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For those wondering how yoyos are born.


I like the name :slight_smile: It only serves as a sense of irony if your company does well!

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Thanks wesley. That was kind of the point with the name.


Always bring smiles ;D

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It does for three years ive been working on this ive spent hundreds just to get to this point it feels amazing.

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The teh kauws are almost done machining and will be shipping tonight.

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we have pictures of the first proto…

https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1561/26039634414_f64a596020_o.jpg13073165_261785084166258_1390589011_o by Alecto42, on Flickr


interesting weight distribution

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it weighs in at 67.1 but it plays so much lighter it really is a treat to throw.


Gotta stand out to be seen eh?