Unique prototype throws

Hey guys I just picked up a prototype throw off the bst made by a guy here on the forums that plays very well. I was just wondering if anyone else has any unique prototype throws and how they feel about them.

Not super unique, but I have a proto tirrox that I just love! Not sure how it plays compared to the production model.

Wouldn’t a handcrafted throw with no other equilivents be considered a custom design? This is all assuming that no others like it were made. ???

And wouldn’t a rain cloud be considered just a normal cloud if it wasn’t gray in color? :-\

Prototype sounds better anyway.

I would say; that view is very accurate. A prototype is by (one) definition; a design that may/will be refined into a finished product… eventually.

Now… if the guy you bought the yoyo from; eventually makes a more refined version of ‘your’ yoyo; then your purchase could probably be identified as a true Proto of the original. < probably increasing its sale value. < You may have the only Proto? Dunno

I’ve done many ‘one off custom’ yoyos. I seldom had plans to make more… So I did it consider them to be Protos. Just Custom yoyos.

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I guess that makes sense , didn’t really mean to differentiate, just couldn’t think of a better way to describe it, but yeah custom does describe what I’m talking about better.

Well I have some of my own unique prototypes for wooden yoyo models I’ve been tweaking.

You ought ta post some pics of em glenacius, I’m just interested in what some of the forum members have come up with themselves.

These ones have just about left the prototype stage now, but I might give future batches some tiny teaks.

They look very nice dude : )