What is the difference between a prototype and a regular yoyo?

Is there a difference. Just wondering any help would be appreciated

A prototype is something that a brand would make to test out and improve on before it comes out. I hope this helps!

i know that. but will the prototype have more vibe than the regular yoyo

That would depend on the case, they’re not all the same…

The prototype is likely to have vibe where the full productions wouldn’t. Doesn’t necessarily mean all protos vibe, but by the very nature of what a prototype is, it’s likely to have issues the production versions won’t. You also wouldn’t be that concerned about matching halves or anything you might do with production yoyos to reduce vibe since the purpose isn’t to sell.

What about the avalanche does the prototype have vide or none

Some might. Some might not… every yoyo is different… Proto’s are just early unfinished versions of a particular throw… Hence “prototype”

It depends on which one you get! Many of these protos and prepros have slightly different designs. I tried a prepro code 2 whoch was much more center weight than the production code 2s. Its probably not as smooth as the production, but for high ends like general yo, clyw, onedrop, spyy, and even yyf and yyj, even the b grades are still very smooth, so the protos and prepros definetely should be fine.

Thank you supbreh I been waiting a answer like this