Rally or Minute

Hey guys just wondering Rally or Minute? Does the clear rally have the same finish as a normal colored rally.

Sorry this is in the wrong section my phone wouldn’t let me post it in the help section. Responses would be great.

The finish on the clear Rally feels pretty much the same on the green and red ones too. But it’'s clear, so the fast machining process gives it a frosted look.

I won’t comment on the Minute until I’ve had a chance to try one. The Eighty-Six 400 is worth the money though.

The Minute is undersized, so take that into consideration. The Rally is full sized.

The Minute is great. My full thoughts are found somewhere in the reviews section. The Rally is also fantastic!

Partly by virtue of being full-sized, the Rally had longer spin times. The Minute is a superior grinder in every imaginable way. Both were light and fun.

I’d get both. :wink: