Minute vs. Rally

Hey guys, I know this is an absurd comparison. but which one would you choose and why: Onedrop Rally or Werrd Minute?

I personally like the Minute more. It might be because Ive got MINIATURE hands.
Ive played with my friends Rally and thats also a great throw. Werrd Minute just takes it home for me though because its undersized and played relatively faster

Really matters if you want a plastic or a metal.

I like the Minute much more than the Rally though. More character and is really fun to play and grind with.

The grinds on the Minute are unreal. Plus, matador! Plenty stable enough, and not truly “undersized” IMO. It’s on the cusp of 53mm, making it more of a mid-sized.

I’m really just looking for yoyos under $ 50, so any other suggestions help. :slight_smile:

Throws in the $50 or less range that I’d consider:
C3 Level 6
Yoyofficer Orbis
Duncan Torque
Yoyofactory Shutter, Horizon, Too Hot
Onedrop Rally
Yoyoaddict Addiction
Yoyorecreation Diffusion 2
Yoyofficer Kilter

My decision would be between the Too Hot or Torque for metal. Diffusion 2 for plastic definitely.

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