Something addiction vs OD rally


Which yoyo is better in your opinion I chose these two because they are pretty similar spec wise.


Neither is better, they’re both just different.

The Rally plays a bit more solid and a bit slower. It’s decent for grinds since it has a machined catch zone and finger spins are possible with a bit of practice.

The Addiction plays lighter and faster. Grinds arent great due to the grippy plastic finish and fingerspins are pretty much impossible due to the hub design.

Personally, I prefer the Rally. It feels more deliberate to me whilst the Addiction at times can be harder to control since it’s so light and nippy feeling. However in the end it’s all preference, and they’re both fantastic yoyos, so just go with whatever one you think you’ll like better.

(Ian) #3

The addiction feels really light and easy to get lost in space unless you are aiming it well.
But it can play faster if you are aiming your throws well.
The rally feels more cooperative and balanced, and it is better for spins, also more of a presence on the string.
(to me)


I do not have the Addition, but the Rally is on the top of my list of favorite yoyo’s. It is FUN!