Raise in CLYW's prices?

It’s not shipping and handling. Spyy is also canada based, and don’t cost as much.

As long as people buy their yoyos at these prices, they’ll continue selling them at those prices. People can say that it’s the machining cost, but that can’t be it, considering they also raised the price of their more classic throws like avalanches, gnarwhals, etc.

What’s more likely the cause is clyw is chris’ only source of income last I heard.

I doubt that they’d sell many more as it seems as if Chris is producing return tops pretty much as fast as he can and still sells most, if not all of, his stock to shops pretty quick.

The larger production numbers combined with the increased prices means that CLYW are actually much more widely available than before as they don’t all sell out within 20 minutes. But they’re still selling pretty well and now Chris has used the high prices to position CLYW as a prestige brand. I guess Chris will stop raising prices when the market stops buying at those prices.

Personally I think the prices are way too much for me. Some of CLYW’s return tops are great, others are just decent, but there are plenty of other brands making products of comparable quality at way cheaper prices making it hard to justify spending on a CLYW, at least at the regular retail price. But many are willing to pay CLYW prices and get a lot of enjoyment from their toys.

Chris mentioned that the new double rim is harder to machine and therefor costs more to have made, thus the price rise. Another factor in the cliff pricing is the undercut sorta thing it has going on, and maybe some other subtle design features it has that may add extra cost for machining.

I just wanted to comment on the double rims. Eternal throw got permission from CLYW to use double rims on the Victory. It still has a decent price ($90-$120 depending on the colorway).

You just wrote a massive post about the yoyo supply chain as if literally every single company didn’t have the exact same hurdles, if not moreso. None of what you said explains why it’s $165 for a splashed CLYW vs $115 for a splashed One Drop, or $110 for an Eternal Throw Victory.

This might be something worth discussing.

Obviously, given all possible resources, one would conclude that selling the maximum number of products at a still profitable markup would be the ideal business model. But, what I think most aren’t considering is that Chris has very limited resources, at least compared to most companies that we are familiar with in our day to day lives.

I would guess he has a very strict budget that allows only so much capital (aka “risk”) to be placed toward any given run of yoyos, and that’s that. If so, this means that for Chris, the main goal is maximizing profitibality per yoyo, rather than maximizing profit outright. Maybe he could sell more Chiefs at $120…but can he afford to make more?

The higher price does a few things. It obviously maximizes profitability per yoyo, but it also means you can make fewer yoyos to end up with the same profit. With fewer yoyos, you can sell through stock faster, and when you sell through faster, you free up capital to move toward new projects faster. This ability to always be “on to the next” is great, and quite rare, for a company with very little ability to absorb financial risk. And finally, I think the “exclusivity” of the price is at least one factor that keeps demand high and allows this little process I’ve described continue. This would be a great way to do business if you don’t have the option of simply throwing cash at every problem.

I don’t think there’s any doubt that Caribou is taking an opportunity to increase prices for no other reason than because people will pay it out of a desire to obtain a unique product, and also out of safety so he doesn’t have to rely on selling massive amounts of yoyos. I’m surprised this is still a debatable point. At least he is accompanying it with a myriad of cool stuff and an unforgettable brand image.

Of course box art, splash anodize, and yadda yadda are not taking up the majority of the excess cost, but at least he’s doing cool junk to make people happy. That and pretty banger designs, as it would seem. Otherwise why the crap are people buying them up so quick each and every time?

What he is doing obviously works. The second Caribou goes too far, we’ll all know about it real quick, because the effects are obvious.

lolz… there are many other companies doing the same “undercut sorta thing” and not sticking it to the yoyo community… you can try and make as many excuses as you want for why hes charging what he is machining, design, r&D, hes gotta support his team, anno fees whatever as long as you BUTTHEADS keep paying those rediculous prices hes gonna keep selling them at that price.

Your paying for the CLYW name much like those idiots who pay 200$ for a pair of designer freaking blue jeans… Yes look at your jeans if you paid 200 bucks for them you have more money than sense.

This kind of crap makes me love companies like YYF, One Drop, General Yo, ILYY, SPYY heck i can list a bunch of great companies that arent screwing the community with thier prices.

CLYW … HA! you can keep it.

Blame Canada. Blame Canada for everything.


I’d guess that One Drop can do it for less both because they aren’t a victim to their own markups when they make their yoyos, and because they have other ways of making money. I’d wonder if producing other manufacturer’s throws isn’t way more profitable than selling One Drop’s own.

As for a newbie like Eternal Throw, obviously they’d probably charge more if they CLYW’s reputation. I also wonder if the Victory, or throws like it in it’s price range, are really even that profitable. I could be wrong, but I’d guess that the Victory didn’t yield enough to really pay for the effort it cost to create. Not a big deal if it’s a hobby, a very big deal if you’re trying to support a brand that’s your only means of income.


Yes, I did. Most people can’t fathom the costs of doing business. Maybe it’s time they got an eye opener.

Why does the Anglam cost $289? I don’t know. It’s NOT worth that much. It could sell at $180 and STILL make money.

Also keep in mind that for the most part, the yoyo makers are not setting the prices. Even their OWN prices.

I think people like you are ruining the community more than clyw charging more for yoyos. :confused:
calling people names for spending more for a yoyo just doesn’t make sense. I agree that designer brand jeans are ridiculous, and 90% of the price is just for the name. But clyw does make very high quality stuff, as well as inspired designs.

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Ok, we’ll all blame you lol.

Anyway, there was a story a while ago that Chris was sick of people buying a CLYW for the stock price, then selling it for two or three times more.

Here’s the thing. He puts the price where he wants cause he knows they will sell. It’s no different than Apple. No doubt both companies have, for the most part, great quality products, they’ve established themselves as the quintessential brand for their market so they can basically charge people how they want. Do I wish the prices were lower? Of course. Am I going to stop buying their products? No.

Chris has to make money just like everyone else. Dont get mad at him because of that. And no doubt there is a ton of steps to be made which chaulk up the prices to what they are.

I love his products, so I buy them just like a lot of other people. He will stop raising prices when people stop buying and i don’t see that happening for atleast another 20$-30$ per throw. Atleast he is friendly enough that you can email him or message him and he will reply within minutes. How many companies can you really do that with?(rhetorical question)

Do you guys have any idea what it costs to smuggle a Yeti out of Nepal? Chris will be lucky if he EVER recoups those costs.


^post of the year

Not if he shaved it down and gave it a fake ID and passport. It’s much easier.

Do you really think Yeti would shave down that easily? Maaaaybe Puffin could convince him, but even then…the cost of bribery pizza would be prohibitive to say the least.

There’ll be a comic about this soon lol

Someone send this idea to Chris…