The Cliff

Does anyone know where I can get the clyw cliff it seems like a great throw for me.

I was looking for one forever. PM mcwrock, he has a few, but you may have to pay a high price for them.

I actually really want a cliff too, I think that’s next on my CLYW hitlist

Looks like a great Yo-Yo from CLYW, there.

There are a few bouncing around the B/S boards but be prepared to pay a decent price for one due to their rarity and popularity.

I love the Cliff myself. One of my favourite CLYW for sure, a big floaty bundle of fun. I definitely thought it was a shame that they were discontinued, but I know that some people with larger fingers found them very uncomfortable. Still, I’d love to see a ‘Cliff 2’…

^ Kavka putting it through it’s paces. Great video.

(Explicit Lyric warning if I recall correctly.)

I have a CLYW Cliff that happens to be in mint condition. The box is also in mint condition and comes complete with the sleeve. The colorway you ask…none other than the very beautiful Widowmaker. I love this throw. I was lucky to find this prized possession in these very same forums when I first started throwing unresponsive throws. Now, it would be hard to get from me but I do have my price. I’d be interested in trading for a Chief. It would have to be mint condition. It would also have to be one of the following:

Captain America, longshot I know but I’d do extra cash and/or other CLYW throws
Elliott Jackson
Cool Ghoul
Minty Mint
Black Bip Bop
Solid Gold
Buffalo Bob

I just got one earlier this month off the BST, mint with box and I payed $125 with shipping. I felt that was a really good price, and I love the Cliff! It really is a great throw

I bought a few of them, and it still ranks as one of my favorite CLYW. I have a hulk smash fade and a blue blizzard.

pm’d out of curiosity

Mine’s definitely my favorite yoyo overall and definitely my best for 5A. I have the Camp Caribou colorway.

hopefully buying one this month, I am gonna be picky about colorway, but I do really want a cliff… maybe a glacier express too, I do loves me an H shaped yoyo