Le Clyw... Come and get it!

Welcome to my b/s/t! Feel free to pm me with questions. All yoyo’s come with boxes unless specified. Offer! The worst I can say is no.

Wants: CLYW!!! (peak, glacier express, puffin, marmot, avalanche, sasquatch, anything not in my b/s/t.) (will trade any 2 plus extras for peak), cash.

READ BEFORE CONTINUING- I will only trade CLYW for equally high end throws. If it is not yyr, one drop or clyw, your chances of getting a trade are slim.

Anyway, here we go!


Be sure to shoot me a pm- I love those things.

MINT IN BOX CLIFF!!! This is the Harrison hurricane edition and in perfect condition. Just looking to see what I can get on it. Offer big.

Next up- minty mint northern lights CLYW x one drop SUMMIT. I’m just gonna say serious offers for this one.

CLYW Bear vs Man, grey with green splash. This is the one that started it all, the first Yoyo to ever be splash ano’ed. Mint condition. Rare.

CLYW Artic Circle. Excellent condition. SO MUCH FUN! Only looking to trade for other clyw.

CLYW BvM 2- Mint as far as I can tell, if you are really interested pm me and I can look it over with a magnifying glass.


CLYW Chief- Excellent condition, very near mint.

C3YYD Berserker. A few dings/scratches but still usually smooth with a good bearing. Will be hard to get from me. PENDING

Rebel Macrocosm- near mint, fun! PENDING

YYF starlight. A few scratches.

Next is a Polished C3YYD Capless. Originally was teal, polished by me. A few marks. Very smooth. It is my best polish, so it will be hard to get from me. PENDING

Finally is a Tenyoyo Dropbear. Very near mint, 2 pin pricks. Smooth. Offer Big!

Wrath- thank you dingo54

Avalanche- thanks irdaprez

Supernova, Super G and Burnside thanks to MORDO617

Thanks for looking! PM me with offers, I would be happy to negotiate prices and give additional pics.


p.s.: I am aware that I only have one trading history, but if you are cautious or suspect me of fraud, please pm Dingo54. He will be happy to tell you how well our transaction went over!

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