CLYW price

Hi, I want to buy a CLYW yoyo for my birthday but my mom says they are too expensive. Is it possible to get a CLYW from the BST for less than $120? I don’t care which yo it is.

Yes, it is very possible. If you don’t mind a couple dings, you can get one for under $100. For a near mint one, it’ll be a $100 or up.

Yes it is possible you just have to be lucky haha! I am purchasing a Mint Northern Lights Chief from Heath for only $120! Good Luck. God Bless - Moefv

I have gotten a MIB specail edition Gnarwhal from the bst for 85 shipped.

Wait for a run of fools golds.

i have a friend who got a chief for about $75 on an ebay auction.