Raiders vs Sunsets

Hey guys,

I’m a 2A player and I currently own a pair of Yomega Raiders. They loop great (plastic spacers, no mod yet), but I’m scared of breaking my yoyos when i mod them so they can’t sleep -.-

Anyways, was just thinking about getting a pair of Sunset Trajectory yoyos from YYJ. They have a double O-ring response system and I heard the response is great and is great for looping tricks without any mods whatsoever.

So 2 questions,

  1. Anyone knows any ‘safer’ way to mod raiders that may not involve a yoyo-breaking risk?
  2. Sunsets vs Raiders (please list pros and cons so i can compare)

Thanks alot guys (:

I’ll start with your second question first.

Sunset Trajectories Pros: Superior for looping, never have to change the o-rings, thin gap for quick responsiveness, and an affordable looper. Cons: All I’ve heard really is the weird shape. It doesn’t affect me.

Raiders/Raider EX Pros: Very smooth on the string, a pro looper, stable and balanced. Ask or PM Jayyo for more information on them. I know he has a pair of them. Cons: I’ve heard that they crack and break easily. So be careful not to snap a string on a fast loop or they’ll have a high risk of damage.

Your first question.

My answer, don’t mod them at all. Leave them how they are, and if you insist, put a pair of spacers in there.

  1. As far as I know, that’s the only way to mod them.

  2. I’ve never played Raiders, but I like NXG’s. You really don 't have to do anything to them to make them loop well, they’re great out of the box. In fact, here are some great alternatives if you don’t want to mod Raiders:

  3. Buy some NXG’s

  4. If you want to keep them stock, (I recommend you try them stock, to see if you like them first) then stop here. If you want to give them a raised silicone mod, move to #3. If you want to to the friction sticker mod, move to #4.

  5. Buy a tube of flowable silicone, (If you don’t have one already) and take the o-rings out of the response grove. Apply silicone to the response groove (Above flush, not recessed). Wait 24 hours, and you’re good! If you didn’t like the results of this, go back to #2, or move on to #4, or #5.

  6. Buy a pack of Duncan Friction Stickers. Remove o-rings from the response groove, and put a friction sticker on top of the groove in its place. Try it with one friction sticker first, if you want more response, put anoher friction in the response area. If you don’t like thee results, Go back to #2 or #3, or move on to #5.

  7. Try to mix responses to see if you can find a combo thats right for you. For example: One Friction Sticker with one o-ring, One siliconed side with one o-ring, One Duncan Friction Sticker with one Duncan Silicone Sticker, … The possibilities are endless!

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: I think you should try at least 1 NXG to see if you like it, many people do.

Yes, buy the Sunsets. They will be great for you!

Thanks alot, but just wondering. so the sunset can sleep for around the worlds? and yet is really really responsive for great looping?

It can definitely sleep. If you fully tighten the gap, the two o-rings are as good as touching, and it will be a classic up down yoyo. Just adjust it a tiny bit, and it will be responsive, and yet be able to sleep. Sunsets are nice, but I like speedles better. Just me, you have to try them all out before making a decision.

mhm okay. but how come when the pros play it’s like the yoyos dont even sleep, or are they just UBER responsive?

check out this vd: