Quicky Freestyle

I quick freestyle I did for a friend on Facebook. Not my cleanest but everything was improv and I’ve never heard this song before. Sorry for any lighting:

Looks pretty good. Only thing is I think your string is too long for you.

you have got misses and tricks are not very hard to do but i like video hope you improve yout playing next video

Thanks, yeah, I never was very clean in freestyling and my style of tricks are simple and to the point instead of all that laddering and string hitting.


I find nothing wrong with the string. Must be the video.

Alright, I don’t do this alot, but I feel that you should work on trick combos. You have some solid combos, but one spot that I really felt you could work on was the spot where you were doing tricks out of the split bottom mount. It felt like you just underpassed, and then went into a Mach 5 each time. Just something I noticed. Variety is your friend.

Otherwise it was a good freestyle. Just work on your flow and reptition