Quick Wind - Unresponsive

I’m looking for some tips on Quick Winding an unresponsive yo-yo, Hand starting yo-yo tutorial isn’t working out. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks

Whats wrong with it? Just have to apply lots of pressure, and practice.

I seem to get this ridiculous wobble when ever I snap start, using a New Breed.

here is the way i learned. it is a good easy way to start.


here is another.


as for the wobble you just need to experiment with your finger placement.
i had the same problem and i realized that i like my thumb to be on a little more on the inside of the yoyo. just try out different ways and see what works best for you.

What i find to give a stronger hand start is not using my thumb, but index and middle fingers along the rims of the yoyo. Just push real hard, and let it go. For the vibe, its normal with low rpm and bad finger placement. Just experiment around till you get it right.

Thanks guys

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The hand start just takes some practice. So you should just practice it.