Quick question

Hey guys, so for the past month I’ve been throwing a lot more frequently.
However, I get knots every now and then without knowing and when I do, the yoyo usually flies back up and hits me in the elbow. This has happened about five times for the last two weeks.
I have a bruise on my elbow now and it hurts to bump it into anything.

Is this bad for my bone or anything? Like, is it possible that I could get a bone disease or something from getting hit too much? <__>

no I don’t think so just lightly throw it down in between every trick

I gree just be cautious if there could possibly be a not there

I just learned binding and I sometimes get knots due to me doing something odd.

Just do a lighter throw and expect it to come back. You might have to do this a few more times(probably not). I’d say if you have to do this more than 3 times, you need to take it apart and remove the knot or tangle as it’s not going come out. I’ll do that, do a bind and I’m usually good.

Worse thing that could happen is you chip a bone, but I don’t think that will happen unless you’re throwing a metal and you’re the Incredible Hulk.