Keep smacking my elbow with new metal yoyo (newb)

Hello. I am a 28 year old newbie who just got my shutter non responsive yoyo in the mail two days ago. Im making ok progress, got the side mount, front mount and brain scrambler along with a few other begginer tricks down.

I have one major problem tho. Sometimes when I go to throw my yoyo after a bind, it seems to be tangled up and whips around smacking me in my throwing elbow which is extremely frustrating, not to mention painful.

I was just checking to see if any of you had any advice and what i can do to prevent this from occurring as after just 2 days my elbow feels like its been worked on by the frickin mob.

Thank you for your advice and i look forward to learning from you guys (and gals)?? maybe?

Just make sure your binds are clean. Binds shouldn’t return the yoyo by snagging, they should return it by stopping the yoyo’s spin through friction with the response.

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What Someone said?

See what I did there?

no, but really, what he said.

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After a while you’ll be able to tell if the bind was good or not, and you’ll know if that snag is in there before you even throw.

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Elbow pads? :smiley:

So many yoyo injuries now a days. Before long we will all be expected to use helmets and full body armor. (lol)